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Magic Music Wedding Services


The Ceremony is the most important part of the wedding day.  No one wants to miss the "I Do's". The bridal party and guests don't want to be disturbed by sound guys moving sound systems between the chapel / Church and the reception. We provide a dedicated PA / Sound system for the ceremony.

Bride and Groom Tango


Weddings (or any event for that matter) should have a time-line /plan on how your reception / event should unfold. It is for this reason that we recommend a quick meeting to discuss the reception.

You should consider the following:

- Safety / House announcements (Where are toilets)

(Is there a pool?)

(Emergency exits?)

(Are there any no-go areas at the venue)

(Smoke / No-smoking Areas?)

- Bar

Where is it?

Is it an open Bar or Cash Bar?

(This info might need to be done before the bride and groom arrive)

Master of Ceremonies

- Master Of ceremonies must be introduced to the DJ. Together they will ensure a smooth flow of your reception / event.  

- What to play on arrival of Bridal Party?

- Who will do speeches?

  • Toast WHO?

  • WHO will do the Toast?

  • When will toasts be done?

  • Where will toasts be done?  

  • (Is the Champagne ordered / on the table?)


  • Brides maids?

  • Brides parents?

  • Grooms Parents?

  • Bride and groom?

  • Grandparents?

  • Special Guests?

The Grooms Speech:

  • Traditionally the Groom is given a tough time, How do the Bridal couple feel about the speech?

  • Does the bride want to say something?

Flow of the Evening:

  • What to play for opening Dance?  Father daughter dance?

  • When do you eat?

  • WHO will announce that the food is ready?

  • Order of service, Buffet or served.

  • Garter - When?

  • Tossing the bouquet?

  • Cutting the Wedding Cake.

Special announcements

  • Congratulatory Messages / Emails / Telegrams / Texts

  • Flowers on tables / Decor / Thank you Gifts - what may be taken and what should be left. Usually a good idea to do this with the House announcements, unless the groom or bride want to do special handovers of these to certain people at the function

Wishes to wedding couple

Special group photo’s Talk to photographer about best time and when. As food is served table by table or groups at tables as seated

Last dance / Last Rounds call

It is wise to type this out in the order that you would like the evening to happen.  Its a good idea to have a rough time frame in mind. Dont forget to hand the plan / program to the DJ AND hand it to the master of ceremonies.

 (Remember, things dont always go 100% according to a plan, if there is a hold up with the food for instance, we can work around small glitches and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the evening.)

Magic Music Mobile DJ understands that you have a LOT on your mind with a mountain of planning for your event / Special Day. To help ease your burden and assist you with your planning, we will ask that you complete a rough "Schedule Form".

Mushroom Light



Complete PA Sound System for use a ceremony

-1 x 15" 2 Way Master Active speaker

- MP3, SD Card, Bluetooth, Line Input,

- Mic Input,

- 1 x 15" 2 Way Slave Active speaker.

- 2 x Speaker Stands

- 1 x Corded Microphone


  • 1000W power amp

  • Wireless Mic connectivity

  • Pioneer Sound Controller

  • Behringer Mixer / EQ

  • 2 x Speaker Stands

  • Mic Stand

Party Lighting:​

-  8 x Powerful Multicolor Par Lights (DMX Controlled

- Ultraviolet Lights

- Mirror Ball (and Motor)

- Chaos Light

- Moon Flower LED Effects

- Mushroom LED Effects

- Red / Green Laser

- Strobe Light

- LED Moving Heads. 

- Sound to Light "Disco" Boards

- Smoke Machine

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