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- Service Agreement - Click Here

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We cant do Much to save the planet, but, we're trying to contribute to a paperless system.

Our Service Agreement.

  1. Click on the "Click here" Button.

  2. A popup window will open.

  3. Read the agreement online.

  4. If youre concerned about the agreement, drop us an email at

  5. Close the pop-up window.

  6. Enter the Details on this page.

  7. Click "Agree"

  8. Click Submit. 

  9. Within Seconds an electronic version of the agreement will be emailed to YOU and Magic Music. 

  10. We will Both have a copy of the same agreement, with the details included. 

How is the Agreement signed?

1. By accessing this page, you have indicated that you have an interest in our services.

2. By Clicking Accept, the service agreement is attached to, incorporated in and associated with the information you have entered on this page, and is intended by the user to serve as a signature.

3. ”By Clicking Accept you have identified yourself and have indicated your approval of the information communicated; furthermore, you have regard to all the relevant circumstances at the time you click the submit button. 

4. We are people too, we are reliable, affordable and professional, so, to be fair, if you make a mistake (Not that clicking in two places is an easy mistake to make), drop us an email, or send us a whatsApp to 0837820911



...The  Trees Thank you!!

- Service Agreement - Click Here To Read

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